Quick Shifts: NHL Rule Change, Lundqvist Get 300, Panthers Can't Count

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It’s Monday, so in an attempt to ease you into the work week his is Quick Shifts. In today’s edition we will take a look at a possible NHL rile change, Lundqvist gets to 300, and it seems that Panthers can’t count.

First up, The NHL will have their annual GM meetings, and one item up for discussion is should the NHL allow coaches challenges. It seems like every professional sports league is jumping in this bandwagon. I will hold my thoughts in this until I see what is and is not changeable. But, than again no one is asking me.

Here’s is the straw that broke the camels back. From Sportsnet.ca

The error was bad. But the worst thing was, before the puck had been dropped at centre ice every single player, fan, coach or media member inside Joe Louis Arena knew the goal was bogus; same for everyone at the NHL Video Review Room in Toronto. But they couldn’t do a damned thing about it, because video review, as we know it today, does not allow the reviewing of pucks going over the glass




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