Los Angeles Kings, Jordan Nolan To Have Disciplinary Hearing

Players never learn, if you do something dumb you will have to answer for it. The latest player to be called to the principal’s office is Jordan Nolan of the Los Angeles Kings. Nolan will have a conversion with Mr. Brendan Frederick “Shanny” Shanahan this afternoon.

The following grounds for the proposed supplemental discipline are being considered: a punch to Joensuu. However, the Department of Player Safety retains the right to make adjustments to these infractions accordingly upon further review. NHL.com

Nolan will likely face a suspension for his sucker-punch on Edmonton Oilers left-wing Jesse Joensuu. The infraction took place during the second period of Sunday’s game.  Because the hearing is by phone Nolan cannot be suspended any more than five games. He is most likely looking at a 2-3 game suspension.

This all happened after the whistle, during a scrum in from of Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick. In the video found on Yahoo Sports, you can see Nolan punch the Edmonton player once while standing and take a second shot as Joensuu was falling to the ice.


I’ve said it about 100 times. NHL players do not care about anyone, but their selves. I have heard the argument before; it’s all in the heat of the moment. But, let’s be clear. A sucker punch is not a heat of the moment thing. I’m not sure what else the NHL can do to their players, but simple suspensions and minimum fines are not getting their point across.

Does anyone else have a suggestion?

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