No Kari Lehtonen For The Dallas Stars

In yet another questionable play, another NHL plays has been lost for undisclosed amount of time. Dallas Stars goaltender Kari Lehtonen was taken out by Minnesota Wild forward Erik Haula.

The hit in question happened during the third period of Saturday’s game. Stars head coach Lindy Ruff, was not holding back his feelings on the matter. had this quote.

“The likelihood is it’s a concussion on just a dirt play. It should be suspended – a fourth liner takes out our goaltender,”

The hit caused Lehtonen to fall backwards and hit his head on the cross-bar, he left the game with blood coming from his head. The most likely diagnoses is a concussion. Haula did receive a 5 minute major, and a game misconduct.

Eric Haula was not suspended for the hit, and it seems like the Minnesota Wilds head coach is in agreement with the NHL.

“It was unfortunate the way things happened, but when I look at it again, I’m not sure what else he can do. You don’t want a player to bail out and not try to score a goal in that situation.”

After watching the video a few times over the weekend it has become clear that the hit was not intentional. While I have been on a NHL players are not showing respect for each other, this does not fit in to that category. It seems to me that Haula was trying to drive to the net, and the hit was an unfortunate accident. But, than again I didn’t just lose my starting goaltender.

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