Quick Shifts NHL Teams: NY Islanders, Vancouver Canucks, Tampa Bay Lightning

It’s finally Friday and now that the NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone let’s get back to Quick Shifts. In this edition we will touch on the mess that is the New York Islanders, The free-falling Vancouver Canucks, and there’s a new captain skating for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

We have touched on the Islanders mess before, but we are not done yet. Not by a long shot. Without ripping apart Garth Snow, we will save that for a later post. The Islanders as a whole are just as dysfunctional as ever. They really only have one big star, and his is injured. John Tavares is a man on an Island; his team has been unable to surround him with the proper talent. Sure, maybe it’s not completely the Front Offices fault; players don’t want to play on the Island. But, this trade deadline just made things a lot worse and I don’t see it getting better for years. {SI.com}

Keeping with our organization is a mess them; we are going to take a look North of the border. The Vancouver Canucks are just in free fall mode. The club has mishandled Roberto Luongo for years, and finally got him out of Vancouver, and during the dead line another star player may have said get me out of the mess. It seems that this dysfunction will fall at the feet of Canucks GM Mike Gillis. I’m seeing a trend here; NHL teams with bad GM’s are a mess. Vancouver needs to find a way not to chase talent away. {Pro Hockey Talk}

“If this isn’t rock bottom I don’t know what is…” Kevin Bieksa. @sportsnetmurph

Now on to some good news. The Tampa Bay Lightning traded their captain to the New York Rangers, but fair not Lightning fans. Steven Stamkos is back in action, and he is now your captain. Last night mark the first time Stamkos was on a game day roster dating back to November 11th. The 24-year-old is fully capable of being captain the Lightning, but the question is are the Lightning players ready for him? {NHL.com}

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