Dominik Hasek Is Going Into The Buffalo Sabres HOF

Dominik Hasek will be the 42nd. member of the Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame. The former all-world goaltender will enter the HOF on March 29th. ; Before the Sabres take on the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Hasek changed the goalie position forever with his do what it takes approach to t he craft.

“Hasek, who was originally acquired by the Sabres from the Chicago Blackhawks on Aug. 7, 1992, remains as one of the most decorated goaltenders in team and league history, appearing in a total of 491 games for the Blue and Gold over a span of nine seasons from 1992-2001. While backstopping the Sabres, he became the first goaltender in NHL history to win the Hart Trophy twice (1997 & 1998), while also capturing six Vezina Trophies (1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2001) as well as the Wiliam M. Jennings Trophy (1994 & 2001) and the Lester B. Pearson Award twice (1997 & 1998)”.

Hasek and the Sabres have not had the best relationship in the past, but it seems that Terry Pegula is trying to mend that. Adding Hasek to the HOF may paved  the way for the number 39 to hang from the rafters in the First Niagara Center.

It wouldn’t shock me if Hasek someday enters the NHL hall of fame. It’s hard to argue that he was a trail blazer, and one of the best goaltenders to play the game. He was at least one of the most copied goaltenders. Today’s butterfly and drop-down goaltenders owe part of their style to Hasek. In today’s NHL it’s the stand up goaltenders that are uncommon.

Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame Members via


Class of 1980

  • Frank Christie
  • Roger Crozier
  • George “Punch” Imlach

Class of 1982

  • Tim Horton
  • Fred T. Hunt

Class of 1986

  • David Forman
  • Don Luce
  • Craig Ramsay

Class of 1989

  • Richard Martin
  • Gilbert Perreault
  • Rene Robert

Class of 1994

  • Danny Gare

Class of 1995

  • Jim Schoenfeld
  • Robert O. Swados

Class of 1996

  • Ted Darling
  • Seymour H. Knox, III
  • Northrup R. Knox

Class of 1998

  • Jack Gatecliff
  • Larry Playfair

Class of 2000

  • Don Edwards
  • Bill Hajt
  • Wayne Redshaw
  • Robert “Rip” Simonick

Class of 2001

  • Jerry Korab
  • Mike Racicot
  • Mike Ramsey

Class of 2004

  • Mike Foligno
  • Dick Johnston
  • Pat LaFontaine
  • Rudy Migay
  • Robert E. Rich, Jr.
  • George Strawbridge

Class of 2007

  • Phil Housley

Class of 2009

  • Dave Andreychuk
  • Milt Ellis

Class of 2010

  • Joe Crozier
  • Jim Lorentz

Class of 2011

  • Alexander Mogilny
  • Jim Kelley

Class of 2012

  • Dale Hawerchuk


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