Buffalo Sabres: Deadline Rebuild

The Buffalo Sabres made a series of moves today. Each move was meant to help the club rebuild. Despite the turmoil in the organization, the fan base has stuck by the Sabres waiting and listening to see if first time GM Tim Murray could construct the deals needed to start the rebuild.

While this season is all but over for Buffalo, the team will need to learn how to play without Ryan Miller, Steve Ott, and without Matt Moulson. Buffalo also moved newly acquired Jaroslav Halak. Also moved was forward Cody McCormick. The Sabres basically moved parts, and traded them for new one. It was a mixed bag of prospects and draft picks. But, I’d give Murray a B for his first deadline as GM.

Some teams try to improve trying to make a playoff run, some want to safe face. The Sabres only needed to rip down what was left of an under achieving  foundation. No, Miller is not in that group but he was part of the “old” core. Moving forward the direction of the Sabres will be draft oriented. They seem hell-bent on building a contender through the draft, and they have the pick to do so. Not that anyone has asked me but, at the rate the Sabres are going they could be a strong NHL team in a few years. But, don’t let that go to your head. The Sabres are most likely not done moving players.

This off-season should be a very active one for Buffalo. I’d look for players like Drew Stafford, and maybe Tyler Ennis to be shopped as the draft approaches. But in the mean time the Sabres seem to be gunning for a high draft pick this year, and unless things change they will make a run at the top pick next year as well.

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