NHL Trade Rumors: Jaroslav Halak On The Move, Again

You can’t help but to feel bad for Jaroslav Halak. First he is part of a blockbuster trade between the Buffalo Sabres and the St. Louis Blues. Now, it seems his new team doesn’t want him. There are several reports that the Minnesota Wild may be his final destination for the rest of the NHL season.

To make matter worse in last night Sabres vs. Dallas Stars game Halak had to sit in the corner, because there is no room for him on the bench. This guy just can’t catch a break.

Murray is now trying to trade Halak to the Wild. He’s 28, in the last year of his contract and was 24-9-4 with the Blues with a 2.23 goals-against average. CBS Sports

The Sabres are in the middle of a complete rebuild, and the 28-year-old doesn’t seem to fit in. For Halak it must be hard to sit and wait, but this is the business of sports. Players are really nothing more than assets.

The Minnesota Wild are in need of a strong goaltender, and it may come down to Halak or Martin Brodeur. Yes, Brodeur. But, for the Wild it really would be easier to land Halak. Brodeur has a NMC, and it is unclear if he is willing to green light a trade to Minnesota.

There are a few other choice out there for the Wild, It seems like Tim Thomas could be had for the right price. There is also a chance the wild could grab Viktor Fasth, but there is much less smoke surrounding those choices.

With 75 points the wild are sitting in the top Wild Card spot. They are eight points behind the St. Louis Blues, and it seems like their play off hops will hang solely on keeping the wild card spot. It would seem Halak makes the most sense, but then again in the NHL one never knows.

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