NHL Trade Rumors: Ryan Callahan

We are approaching the final stretch of this year’s NHL Trade Deadline, and one of most attractive players out there has changed his asking price. The New York Rangers captain Ryan Callahan has reportedly lowered his expectations.

If the rangers moved Ryan Callahan he would likely bring back a few assets; like a number one pick and top prospects. There are a few questions; do Rangers want to move their captain, and is Callahan willing to give a hometown discount? As Rangers fans hold their breath the clock will keep ticking. As each passing minute goes by I believe the likelihood of Callahan being traded goes up.

The Buffalo Sabres just showed the NHL and its fans the “C” is only a letter on a jersey. It may be shocking if a player with the talents of Callahan is allowed to skate out of New York, but in today’s NHL anything can happen. It seems that the Rangers, and Callahan are still talking, and their numbers are getting closer. But nothing has been announced yet. “Callahan is asking for less than $6.5 million per year at six-years” SB Nation.

There are a few teams that are hoping this deal doesn’t happen. Teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings could use the added fire power that Callahan would bring. It’s the Rangers folks; they could just go buy another player. That player may take a few years to grow and mature, but it could be done.

No matter what the move is one group of people are going to be upset. Someone will feel the Rangers messed this up, and others will blame Callahan.

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