NHL Trade: A Fans Reaction to the Buffalo, St. Louis Trade

The Buffalo Sabres and the St. Louis Blues got the NHL trades going last night. New broke shortly before the puck dropped in Buffalo that Ryan Miller and Steve Ott were traded. In return the Sabres got a hand full of assets.

Calling Buffalo home for at least a short while is “Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, prospect William Carrier, a first-round draft pick in 2015 and a conditional third-round draft pick in 2016. The third round pick becomes a 2014 first should St. Louis either make it to the Western Conference Finals or re-sign Miller” Fansided.com

There is always the chance Buffalo will flip these players in another trade. As for STL; they have just become a strong contender in the West, and maybe a Stanley Cup favorite. The addition of Miller to a team that only gives up around 20 shots is outstanding. Miller is a UFA, and STL. Has a chance to resign him if the two sides can agree. The one asset I think Buffalo will miss is the leadership of Ott. Ott is built for the playoffs, so really Buffalo doesn’t need him now. But, he has said that Buffalo would be near the top of his wish list if he its FA.

In an effort to give full disclosure, I am a Sabres fan. So the rest of this post will be a fans view. This trade was a must for the Sabres, they can’t rebuild unless they start to get the right assets. Yes trading two of your top players seems a bit outlandish, but not when you think about it. Miller was not going to sign in Buffalo, and Ott was too big of an asset not to move at the deadline.

Both Ryan Miller and Steve Ott seemed sad to be moving on, but that’s the life of a pro athlete. At some point in one’s career they will be wearing a different jersey. Remember Sabres fans it’s about winning, not holding on to your favorite players. I look at it this way; if you close your eyes and listen to the game, does it really matter who scores or who stops the puck? No, as long as the Sabres win it’s  fine. In two or three years this trade could be the foundation for a winning team.

Buffalo is not done moving assets, so hold on to your hats it should be a busy four days.




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