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NHL Stadium Series: Interview With Fansided's Blackhawk Up

Tomorrow the NHL will have another outdoor game. This time it will be held at Soldier Field, in Chicago. The Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins at 8pm tomorrow night.

It doesn’t matter if you love the idea of the outdoor series or not, the fact remains it makes the NHL money. As we all know money talks, and the NHL is going to chase it to no end.  So instead if venting about how much I dislike the idea of having six outdoor games I decided to ask Keith Schultz of Blackhawk up how he feels about the event.

Q: With a few games already being played out doors, what makes this special?

A. Wrigley Field in 2009 was more special than this will be, but it’s still Soldier Field and a lot of great events have taken place there, so it’s outdoors in Chicago enough said worst case enjoy the skyline!

Q: There has been talk about the NHL overdoing the outdoor games. Do you think there is a tipping point that the NHL should not cross?

A: I think 1 game a year makes it special; the extra games are cool but too much. If it were me; if you’re going to have extra games have one on thanksgiving (the lions will get blown out), Christmas (not everyone likes B Ball all day) and New Years.

Q: There is a chance that this could be a Stanley Cup Finals preview. What can be learned by playing Pittsburgh outdoors?

A. Of course, two of the best teams and rosters in hockey could make the Finals, but it’s a long road from here to there!

Q: How are Blackhawks fans getting ready for this event?

A: Finding more layers to wear in the freezing cold!

Q: TMMOTS has been talking a lot about bigger ice. Would you be in favor of the NHL using IIHF ice for outdoor games?

A. No way! Bigger ice means less scoring chances and bigger clog in front of the net!

Last Question: Conditions at an outdoor  event change fast; is there any concern about the weather adding risk of injury, and do you think that the added chance of bad ice needs to be addressed by the NHL?

A. I’m sure with each event outdoors they have learned more about the ice. As to injuries if you go out and play scared and worried that’s when bad things happen

Blackhawk up Prediction: Hawks 4 Pens 3

The NHL is going to have these games every year, and there is nothing any one can do about it. I only have one simple request. Please stop using the same teams over and over. While I did not like seeing an outdoor game played in L.A the NHL showed it could be done. There is no reason the NHL doesn’t start getting all of the teams involved. If the plan is to only showcase a hand full of teams, than this series is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of.

I completely understand big market, winning teams and top players are a national TV draw, but there will come a point that enough is enough. Until then let’s just try and enjoy the game.

How do you feel about the Stadium Series? Feel free to share your thoughts in our comment section or on Twitter @TMMOTS.



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