Martin St. Louis May Have Asked For Trade

It’s time for trade talks, and one name that seems to be popping up is Martin St. Louis. It’s being reported by several outlets that the Tampa Bay Lightning captain may have asked to be moved.

It’s not every day that a captain and star of a team asks for a trade. But, if I was in the Lightning’s front office this really may be worth exploring. St. Louis has one year remaining with a cap hit of $5,625,000 and a NMC. If St. Louis is willing to wave the NMC and Tampa brings back a talent and maybe a pick I’d make the move. If the story on CBS Sports is correct it reads like there is no way Tampa Bay will be able to resign St. Louis come this time next season.

Not necessarily Islanders-related, but I’ve now heard from three different NHL people that Martin St. Louis did indeed request a trade last month. He has a full no-move clause, so he could pick his destination. That would seem to be the Rangers. St. Louis has an offseason home in Greenwich, Conn. (Arthur Staple of Newsday via

That being said, the real questions than becomes, do you hold on to him this season and try to move him next year. If the Lightning sit back and wait they run the risk of getting nothing for him if a trade cannot be worked out. There is always the chance that St. Louis is just being a baby and holding a grudge.

In the same CBS Sports article Brian Stubits went on to explore the possibility that St. Louis is mad about his GM Steve Yzerman not selecting his captain to play for Team Canada. If that is at all true, and I hope it’s not I’m all for moving St. Louis. This is that point in the conversation that I bring up the players has too much control.

It’s hard to get a read on this trade rumor, and it’s even hard to guess what is really going on in Tampa, but, if the star isn’t happy no one is happy. The Lightning need to put out this fire and they need to do it now.




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