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NHL Trade Talk: Ryan Miller Staying In Buffalo?

The Buffalo Sabres are rumored to be one the busiest teams in the NHL. The trade deadline is just ten days away; Ryan Miller is going to be traded or is he? Multiple media outlets have reported that the Sabres and Miller are talking about an extension.

There is no telling if Buffalo really wants to keep their top goaltender or not, but signing him to an extension could make this a win, win for the Sabres. If Miller is traded he is sure to bring a nice return, but if the Sabres are able to get Miller signature on the dotted line it give them an extra avenue. Having Miller signed to any contract could add teams to the list of possible trade partners. If a trade cannot be found the Sabres still have one heck of a goaltender on their roster.

It seems like the St. Louis Blues may be a nice landing spot for Miller, but they would need to move a goalie to take a goalie. Buffalo will want a #1 pick and top prospects in a deal for Miller. That’s a very high asking price for a goaltender that may only have 3-4 good years left. But, if St. Louis thinks they can win the Stanley Cup I’m not sure there can be a price too high.

In addition, Brian Lawton tweeted that Buffalo has since turned its attention to signing Miller to a long-term contract because the prospects of trading him are non-existent. SBNation

A post on SB Nation said it best. The market for goaltenders may not get any better than it is now. For Miller that means he may need to take the cash over the cup.


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