Bronze Medal Game: Finland Skate's Past USA Hockey


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This morning I had the chance to watch the bronze medal game. Team USA took on the boys from Finland.  But, only one team showed up. Finland took to the USA Hockey from all angles, and there was noting the U.S. team could do about it.

After losing 1-0 to Canada yesterday the American just didn’t seem to have the legs or the drive to compete with the fast skating team from Finland. The American were flat footed, and at time seemed to coast around the rink.  While it was a disappointing game, there is something to be said for how they opened the games.

For Team Finland today’s game was a chance to show they have some of the top talent in the world. They dispatched the home team from Russia only to lose to Sweden.  But, there was no sign of a hangover. Finland’s power play was out of this world, and it leads them to a bronze medal.

During the first period it became clear that having two-way forwards was a major reason that USA Hockey was able to make it this far in the tournament.  Finland was able to completely stop any offensive push by the Americans. At times it seemed like Finland was just skating on an open rink.

*Patrick Kane hit the side of the net on a Penalty Shot

The second period looked a lot like the first. The game spun completely to Finland in the span of .11 seconds. That’s all it took for them to score two goals. Team USA had a hard time capitalizing on any chances. Sadly for them that is going to be the story of the 2014 games.  I’m not sure why, but it seemed like Finland just wanted it more.

In the final period Finland just went off scoring three power play goals on four shots. As the period went on Finland turned the once gold medal contenders USA Hockey into a sub-par Olympic Hockey team. That is really a tip of the hat to Finland.

For the American’s this tournament snowballed into one of the biggest disappointments in USA Hockey history. I know that is a strong sentence, and some people won’t like it. But, the American tore through the group round only to no-show for two of the biggest games in recent memory.

Finland may owe their bronze medal to Teemu Selanne, he took over at time scoring two goals.

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