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AHL: Portland Pirates And Adirondack Phantoms Game Ended In A Line Brawl And Goalie Fight


The Portland Pirates and Adirondack Phantoms are two teams that have been struggling stringing together wins this year in the AHL. The Pirates are standing at 12th in the Eastern Conference, whereas the Adirondack Phantoms are standing at 13th in the Conference, therefore an emotional game was expected.

That being said, the chances of witnessing a line brawl and a goalie fight are much more slim today, so seeing it happen was a surprise to many.

Throughout the game there were many altercations, but as Portland Pirates radio broadcaster Jeff Manix said, all hell broke loose this time.

Around the .20 second mark in the final period of the game, a huge scrum would evolve. Cal Heeter, goaltender for the Phantoms would challenge Pirates’ goaltender Louis Domingue to a fight. It wasn’t until Tyler McGinn and Connor Murphy dropped the gloves when Domingue attacked McGinn, causing Heeter to leave the bench and drop the gloves with Domingue.

Pirates’ head coach Ray Edwards, as well as Phantoms’ head coach Terry Murray were both infuriated, as they were both yelling at each other from across the ice.

The Portland Pirates would end up defeating the Adirondack Phantoms by a score of 2-0. This is unfortunately the last time these two teams face off this season.

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  • Sam

    I don’t know if I have ever seen an arena with the benches on opposite sides of the rink like that

    • Nick Godin

      That arena is not the Portland Pirates original arena. There were legal issues between the Pirates and the Civic Center in Portland Maine, therefore the Pirates decided to play games in Lewiston until the organization and arena could come to agreements.

  • bird law

    phantoms whooped some fuckin ass

  • Jesse

    Goes to show professional hockey’s strategy. If you have crappy teams, don’t bother with hockey placate the masses with street fights… You can’t expand a brand when the “games” contantly devolve into nothing more than WWE with pads (thus making it less interesting than either.)

    But remember it’s Richard Sherman who’s a thug; these guys are “tough” hockey players.

    • Jason Notte

      Is this dialogue from Slap Shot?

      • Jesse

        It’s not the dialogue. It’s the subtext of Slap Shot…

    • Karl Hungus

      And you’re a “smart” internet commenter, who I can tell watches a ton of hockey.

      • Jesse

        awww look the neanderthal is trying to make a joke to make himself feel better about loving a sport that is the intellectual equal of knife fights…

        Probably like how you came up with a “clever” screen name to hide your inadequacies…

    • peytonmanningsucks

      Goes to show how little you know about hockey.

      • Jesse

        awww… what’s the matter knuckle dragger?

        No I understand hockey. If you have good skaters and players, score goals. If you have a crappy team keep the knuckle-draggers in the balconies with PBRs and “clever” screen names ginned up with bloodsport…

        • Nick Godin


          Fighting in the NHL goes far back. Now where others have different opinions on what’s inappropriate behavior on the ice, I don’t think this certain altercation is good enough to label the NHL as a league with only violence and fighting. Every now and then a line brawl will break out, and every now and then goalies will challenge each other. It’s part of the game, and has been for many years. It’s not common, however. Therefore this altercation isn’t, and shouldn’t be a sole example of what the NHL and professional hockey is about.