Olympic Hockey Recap: Slovakia vs. Russia

It’s the last day of group play in men’s Olympic Hockey. Team Slovakia came into the game looking for their first win of the Games. The Russian skater fresh off a loss to Team USA was looking for redemption. It took a second shout-out in as many days, but this time  Ilya Kovalchuk was able to clinch the win for Russia.

Alexander Radulov and Ilya Kovalchuk got consecutive shots past Laco in the shootout and Semyon Varlamov kept his sheet clean, as Russia scored a 1-0 victory over Slovakia on Sunday. Bleacherreoprt.com

1st Period: Slovakia was unable to capitalize on a Russian penalty, but they did out shot the offensive power house 9-5. Both teams have many players that have played on the large ice surface, and it showed as both Slovakia and the Russian players tried to spread out the opponents defense.

Russia Penality: A Yemelin  (interference) 1:04

2nd Period: The second period seems to go on much like the first. The play went back and forth, and both teams had there share of shots on goal. It became clear that this game may come down to the goaltenders. Slovakia took two penality’s during the second period, but the Russians were unable to score on their power play.

Russia Penalty: A Yemelin  (tripping) 12:52

Slovakia Penalties: J Laco  (interference served by Tatar) 6:54

Z Chara  (interference) 19:44

3rd Period: It took three periods, but Russia finally got their offense flying. Of course that was in part due to having three more power plays. There was not much fight left in the Slovakia hockey team, but Russia was unable to get the puck past Jan Laco.

Shots on Goal: Russia 15, Slovakia 2

Overtime was just more of the same. The teams went back and forth, and still couldn’t find a way to score a goal.

With the win Russia clenches second-place spot in the group. But, because Russia went to a second straight shout-out they have almost no chance of getting the No. 4 seed and a bye in the elimination round.

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