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NHL and Olympics Quick Shifts: Voynov vs Quick, Slovenia Best Dressed?

Here are today’s NHL and Olympics Quick Shifts:

If there was any question whether ones home country takes precedent over the NHL team they play, LA Kings defenseman Slava Voynov made it clear where his allegiances lie. In comments after the dramatic United States win over Russia, Voynov basically accused US goaltender Jonathan Quick of knocking the net off its moorings on purpose, which in turn disallowed a Fedor Tyutin go ahead goal.

I can tell you myself, because I am his teammate and I play with him. It is in his style to do something like that. Yes,” he said. “The question is why wasn’t it noticed? That’s the question to the referees.

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Over at Puck Daddy, Sean Leahy lists the five things we learned from the US victory over Slovenia. Summed up: both Amanda and Phil Kessel are having an amazing Olympic tournament, the United States will finish second or third overall going into the Quarterfinals, Ryan Miller is close to the Olympic Wins record of both Jim Craig and Jack McCartan, and Slovenia has some of the nicest jerseys in the Olympics (that’s debatable).

The entire world saw the shootout prowess of T.J. Oshie on display yesterday, however, when you look back at the video evidence, this was a long time coming. Harrison Mooney takes a look back at Oshie’s performance during  previous shootouts and how he has developed his skills. There is also a quick look at some of the other NHLers reactions to be the performance, including Roberto Luongo.

Global information and measurement company, Nielsen, has declared the Pittsburgh Penguins as the most popular franchise in the NHL. Nielsen reported that 54% of the popular either attended, viewed, or listened to a Penguins game in 2013. That is a full 6% over the next NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres. I think I am more shocked by the Sabres being the second ranked team than I am the fact 54% of the nation has watched the Penguins. Pittsburgh is pretty much featured weekly on NBC nationally televised games, there really is no way to avoid seeing Crosby and Co.

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