Quick Shifts: Jonathan Quick, Trouble For Canada, Henrik Zetterberg , No NHL In 2018 Olympics

It’s finally Friday, and here are some stories from around the hockey world you need to know about.

Lets start of this edition of Quick Shifts with USA Hockey naming Jonathan Quick the starting goalie for Saturdays gave vs. Russia. It really shouldn’t come as a big surprise; Quick  stopped 22 of 23 shots in yesterdays victory over Slovakia. As for Ryan Miller maybe he gets his chance on Sunday when USA takes on the team from Slovakia again. It’s been reported that Miller is not letting this bother him. After all if the USA medals he will be a two-time Olympic medalist. Pro Hockey Talk has more.

Our second story is a little more me thinking about how Canada was only able to win by a 3-1 margin vs. the team from Norway. While a win is a win; yesterdays victory is a little worry-sum. Canada needs to do better,  they have the talent needed for make a run at gold. Here’s why a 3-1 win was not enough. There are five tie-breakers in this Olympic tournament. Goals For is third on that list. In the event of a tie,yesterdays lack of scoring could come back to haunt Canada. Head over to Yahoo Sports for more.

Moving on, It’s official Henrik Zetterberg will not play in this Winter Olympics. It is being reported by several outlets that Zetterberg’s injuries may land him on an operation table. There are rumors that the injury could be a disk problem. For more information head over to Pro Hockey Talk. They have a bunch of stories on this.

Zetterberg told Expressen he hasn’t been able to move around much and that the injury is “the same as in December but much bigger pain. Matias Strozyk/PHT

Sweden team doctor Bjorn Waldenbeck said Henrik Zetterberg has herniated disk problem in back. Will see how he is tomorrow. Stephen Whyno/PHT

Finally, it has been reported that the NHL will make their decision on the 2018 Winter Olympics with-in the next six months. A report on FanNation indicates that the NHL engage the NHLPA in conversations over the matter. I’m okay with the NHL not playing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in fact I’d rather they didn’t. However, there are NHL players that will try and figure out a way to play. This could be a PR nightmare for the NHL if it is not handled correctly.

We will have a broader discussion with the players’ association on international competition and what we are doing internationally. That discussion is underway, so I would anticipate a quick resolution in respect to the Olympics, maybe six months.”

Check back tomorrow for more hockey news from around the NHL and Olympics.


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  • Thomas Eric

    Miller should start

    • http://toomanymenonthesite.com/ Patrick Helper

      Thanks for the comment Thomas. I need to ask. Other than seemingly being a Sabres fan why start Miller? I’m not disagreeing, or agreeing. What about the last four years make it Miller’s net?

      • Thomas Eric

        Honestly quick had one half of a good season got hot at the right time but after 2011-2012 season his stats have declined miller has been constant ever year he faces 35 shots a game while quick faces 24 you put miller with team usa’s defense and I’m confident we will win gold

        • David C Hall

          Quick’s career GAA and save % are better than Miller’s. And Miller has never won a cup in four playoffs. Quick’s numbers in the playoffs are decidedly better. Big games are where Quick has made his name. Miller is a great goaltender. But Quick has shown, when the chips are down, there historically aren’t many you’d rather have between the pipes.

          • Thomas Eric

            His career save percentage is not better than millers idk where u got ur numbers

          • David C Hall

            Sorry, Quick gives up a whole one more goal for every 1000 shots attempted.

          • Thomas Eric

            He had a hAlf of one season that was spectacular after that season his stats drop drastically yes he’s playing well now if he doesn’t win gold then he was the wrong choice in net

          • David C Hall

            Quick is way better in playoff competition, where it counts. And whether or not team USA wins gold is not proof of anything. By that logic, Miller should not get a shot this time because he didn’t win gold in 2010.

          • Thomas Eric

            Miller at least got us a medal quick let in 5 in the bronze game

          • David C Hall

            Gee, the last I checked, a team of American players got us a medal in 2010 and a team of American players failed to get one this year. I didn’t see that Olympic individual goalie competition you are talking about. Someone not wearing homer glasses would be more upset that the US TEAM scored zero goals when they needed them the most. If any one player could be singled out for playing poorly, it would be Patrick Kane.

  • David C Hall

    I respect Miller’s accomplishments, but I think Bylsma’s strategy is solid. Playing Quick twice in the preliminary round will tell Bylsma what he’s got. Miller will get the nod against Slovenia to avoid the back to back fatigue. Quick was lights out in the last two NHL playoffs and Miller was great in the 2010 Olympics. If Quick looks bad against Russia, Miller will probably get the start the rest of the way. If Quick does well against Russia, he will probably be the guy in the later round games.

    What was the reason that Miller got the starting job over Thomas in the 2010 Olympics?

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