Colorado Avalanche Want The Winter Classic

With the NHL playing so many games outdoors it’s no surprise that teams are trying to angle for the games. The Colorado Avalanche is in talk with the NHL to host a Winter Classic at Coors Field.

The Winter Classic is the main game in what has now become a series of events. This season the NHL is holding six outdoor games. If the Avalanche are able to get the Winter Classic  it would be a refreshing twist on what has become the same few teams over and over. The NHL is in the business of making money, and the Winter Classic is a money-maker.  The Denver Post had this to say.

The Outdoor Winter Classic Series of games likely will be reduced from six to four, but Denver is an automatic to get one. You think the NHL will say no to their biggest sponsor’s publicly expressed wish? Adrian Dater the Denver Post

We have been in discussions with the NHL and the Avalanche and hopefully we will have an outdoor hockey game at Coors Field. Colorado Rockies Twitter Account

Coors Filed can hold 50,445 fans for a baseball game, and while that is less than half of this year’s Winter Classic attendance it at least brings that game back in to typically cooler climate.

If the NHL agrees to play in Colorado who should the other team be? There’s talk of bring the Detroit Red Wings in. I couldn’t dislike this idea more. They just played in the Classic. Here are my suggestions. San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, Columbus Blue Jackets, or the Minnesota Wild.  It’s time that some different teams to get a chance to skate outdoors. What team would you like to see take on the Avalanche in the Winter Classic?

* As a side note the NHL may choose to add the Avalanche to the Stadium Series, as Miller/Coors is a major sponsor of the series.

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