Pavel Datsyuk Is Not Worried About His Injury, But Some People Are

The Winter Olympics are a big deal, and being invited to play in them is a bigger deal. Pavel Datsyuk is not going to let an injury stop him from playing for his country, but maybe he should. Datsyuk has gone on record saying he is not worried about his injury. Not everyone feels the same way. 

Datsyuk sat out  about a month due to a lower-body injury, and there is concern within the Detroit Red Wings front office and team that Datsyuk is not 100%. While Datsyuk is not worried his teammate Henrik Zetterberg is. In a report found on Pro Hockey Talk Zetterberg is quoted as saying “Obviously I’m worried that he’s not 100% when he comes back and plays for Detroit.”

Pavel Datsyuk has made it clear that he doesn’t care what the Red Wings or anyone else thinks about his injury, or his taking part in this years Olympics. Red Wings head coach Mike Babcok has also made it know he is worried. But, Datsyuk had this to say about his coaches concerns.

Everything’s fine,” Datsyuk said through an interpreter,… “My injury does not bother me at all. Babcock is not my concern.

There is nothing any one can do about Datsyuk or any other NHL player that has been invited to play in the Olympics, but there is growing concern that it is not whats best for the NHL. It’s the players right to play, but that player cannot get upset when the teams and people who sign their pay checks are worried about their well-being.

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