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Olympics Channel Surfing: Women's Hockey Takes Center Stage

Channel Surfing is Too Many Men On The Site’s quick guide to tonight’s NHL action, as well as any other interesting broadcasts in the world of hockey. Included is a list of the scheduled games, game notes, as well as a pregame warm up song. 

Olympics – Womens Hockey

Sweden vs Japan 3:00 AM [ Preview ] [Sweden 1 - Japan 0 Recap]

Russia vs Germany 8:00 AM [ Preview ]

Noteable Noteables:

  • All of the NHLers taking part in the 2014 Sochi Olympics will be on their way over tomorrow. In the meantime, there is a ton of great women’s hockey to watch today. As part of FanSided’s coverage of the Sochi games, daily previews are being posted for all of the hockey games. We will be linking to them in the Channel Surfing posts as well. Included in the previews is broadcast information, as well as links to the official NBC Sports streams.
  • The United States and Canadian women’s team are the consensus pick for the Gold Medal game, however, host team Russia or Germany would love to play spoiler. Both teams will be doing their best to show that they deserve to be a part of the narrative as well. A little more competition in the Women’s tournament would be welcomed by everyone and serve to really grow the sport. The United States and Canada have had a solid hold on the competition since the first Women’s tournament at the 1998 games.

Best Dressed:

I will have to give this one to Sweden vs Japan purely for the bright yellow jerseys that Team Sweden will be wearing. They really are one of the nicest jerseys in the tournament.

TMMOTS Pregame Warm Up Song:

Robyn – “Call Your Girlfriend”

Team Sweden is playing; I don’t think I could have gone with anyone other than Robyn for today’s Pregame Warm Up Song.

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