NHL Players Will Not Play In The 2018 Winter Olympics?

The puck has yet to drop on this year’s men’s Winter Olympic Hockey schedule, and already Owners, and commentators are making their thoughts known. TheScore.com has posted remarks from Darren Dreger. In those remarks he says “the NHL “will not” participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.”

Dreger’s comments come shortly after Philadelphia Flyers Owner Ed Snider made his feelings known on the games. I’m assuming that Dreger, and Snider are not alone on this one. The Olympics are a drain on the NHL, and teams. In a time when the league is struggling to stay relevant within in common sports circles. The Olympics are a nightmare.  Here’s a little more from TheScore.com

…Ed Snider and many owners around the league: they weren’t in support of the NHL participating in the Olympic Games in Sochi. And the NHL will not participate in Korea.

The NHL needs to walk these waters very carefully. There is more than one professional hockey league in the world. and for some NHL players playing in the Olympics is at the top of their lists. One player that has already made his feelings know is Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin. In past reports Ovechkin has said “try and stop me” when asked about playing for Russia in the future.

I’m sure that the KHL is hoping and praying that NHL owners find away to keep their players out of the 2018 Winter Olympics. If some owners get their way players like Ovechkin could end up playing in the KHL. 2018 could be the beginning of the end of Russian player skating on NHL ice.

I’ve never been a fan of NHL players taking part in the Winter Olympics, but if it means holding on to some of the NHL’s stars it could be worth it right?


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  • Thomas Eric

    Give the players a choice to go just don’t stop the season maybe give bonuses to stay? But it’s unfair to completely ban them from going

    • http://toomanymenonthesite.com/ Patrick Helper

      That’s not a bad idea in theory, but it would need to be part of the CBA. Here’s my concern… If the players can choose you run the risk of NHL teams being forced to put an AHL team on their ice. That wouldn’t be fair to fans.

      • Thomas Eric

        And it wouldn’t be fair to the players who earn the right to compete for their country to then be told you can’t go or if u go your suspended…. There really is no way to go about satisfying every group in this matter as much as I would love to see amateurs compete I doubt that we would be contendersrif the likes of Russia and Sweden play their professionals I don’t think USA hockey and hockey canada would sit down and take this lightly

  • tm

    Participation in the olympics is not mandatory, every nhl player playing is there by choice. These players work their whole lives to become the best at the sport, and the olympics is a showcase and competition of athletes who have reached that prestigious level. It would be wrong to steal their opportunity to experience participating in an event like the olympics, representing their country, and possibly winning a gold medal.

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