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NHL Channel Surfing: Let The Games Begin

Channel Surfing is Too Many Men On The Site’s quick guide to tonight’s NHL action, as well as any other interesting broadcasts in the world of hockey. Included is a list of the scheduled games, game notes, as well as a pregame warm up song. 

Olympics – Womens Hockey

USA vs Finland – 3:00 AM [USA 3 - Finland 1 - Recap]

Canada vs Switzerland 8:00 AM [CAN 5 - Swiss 0 Recap]


Calgary Flames @ Philadelphia Flyers 1:00 PM [ Preview ]

Winnipeg Jets @ St. Louis Blues 2:00 PM [ Preview ]

Ottawa Senators @ Boston Bruins 3:00 PM [ Preview ]

Montreal Canadiens @ Carolina Hurricanes 6:00 PM [ Preview ]

Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Leafs 6:00 PM [ Preview ]

Detroit Red Wings @ Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00 PM [ Preview ]

Colorado Avalanche @ New York Islanders 7:00 PM [ Preview ]

New Jersey Devils @ Washington Capitals 8:00 PM [ Preview ]

Anaheim Ducks @ Nashville Predators 8:00 PM [ Preview ]

Phoenix Coyotes @ Dallas Stars 8:00 PM [ Preview ]

Noteable Noteables

  • We finally get to throw some Olympic events up on the schedule. The US women’s team gets things started at 3AM today (hence why Channel Surfing was posted so early today) against Finland and then Canada will follow up against Switzerland at 8AM. Today also marks the final NHL games before the Olympic break, therefore the schedule is jam packed with ten games.
  • The Philadelphia Flyers have a chance to head into the Olympic break on a four game winning streak if they can get a win against Calgary today. This would tie their longest winning streak for the season.
  • The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Washington Capitals on Thursday, only their third loss since Paul Maurice took over as head coach. The loss was a wasted opportunity for the Jets, as they could have drawn even with the Vancouver Canucks in the standings.
  • The Vancouver Canucks are limping into the Olympic break have now lost six games in a row. A win over Toronto would send them into the break on a positive note.
  • Tonight will be the 6,000th game in Detroit Red Wings history. They are the final Original 6 team to reach that milestone.

Best Dressed

If I was just going by the NHL, I would have to give the honors to the New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals match up. However, now that we are transitioning into Olympic mode, I have to say today’s best dressed is Team USA vs Finland.

TMMOTS Pregame Warm Up Song:

Against Me! – “Russian Spies”

Hey if you are going to get up at 3AM to watch Olympic hockey, you’re going to need something energetic to go with your morning coffee. Can’t go wrong with some Against Me!

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