Thomas Vanek Slow To Get Up

Last night the New York Islanders make a trade. However they have a bigger chip to cash in on. Thomas Vanek will most likely be traded by March, but not if he gets hurt. Last night Vanek was slow to get off the ice after hitting the boards; having his legs pined by Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano. 

There has been some talk that Vanek should sit in the press box until traded. It seems clear that the Islanders will not be able to resign the forward any time soon. If traded Vanek should bring back a first round pick in the 2014 or 2015 draft. A pick the Islanders traded to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Matt Moulson. If injured Vanek may bring nothing in return.

Vanek himself has said that he is just being selfish, but it’s not the Islanders it’s him. Here’s a quote from” I guess, and wanting to get to July 1 and seeing what’s out there,” he said. “It has nothing to do with this team and where we are in the standings. I think this team has a tremendous upside.”

If Vanek is unwilling to sign the reported 7 year $50 million deal offered by the Islanders he needs to be beached and moves ASAP. The Islanders cannot afford to see one of their biggest assets carted off the ice on a stretcher.

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  • qwicwted

    Vanek is right,l ooking in the mirror and just stating the truth. He is a selfish player and with that being said – I’m glad the Sabres got rid of him – in the end, we got the better deal – got rid of an attitude and a whiner. Bflo gave Vanek the opportunity to step up and he didn’t. Got the same thing on the Island, again he didn’t do it. Interesting on how this plays out because other teams may just want him as a rental and not a long term committment – does that affect his value? Maybe.

    • Patrick Helper

      Well said, but I don’t think this will hurt his value. Attitude aside he scores. I think a team landing in during the off season means he wants to be there. If it was about money the NYI contract was not a bad deal. He is not worth $8mill a year. But, in todays NHL you never know.