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Daily Poll: NHL Participation In The Olympics

As was already covered on here earlier this morning by Patrick Helper, Flyers GM Ed Snider is not happy about the Olympic break. While he has been the most outspoken so far about the NHL participating in the olympic games, he is not alone. While the NHL owners and GMs agreed to participating, there is little financial gain to be had in the next three weeks, and GMs are in a constant state of worry over injuries.

When the 2014 Sochi games come to an end, the question on everyone’s mind will be whether the NHL will be present at the 2018 games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Those game would mark the 20th anniversary of NHL players taking part in the Olympic games. Prior to that, teams were made up of amateur players.

After reading what Ed Snider had to say, I started thinking about what an Olympic tournament without NHL participation would be like. Do I watch the games for the hockey, or is it to see the best players in the world take the ice for their respective countries? Would I be less interested if Zach Parise wasn’t wearing the Team USA jersey, or Sidney Crosby was on Team Canada? I still plan to watch the Women’s hockey games at Sochi, and those players are far from household names.

Some of the buzz would have to die down, as the teams would be made up of players few of us have ever heard of. The competition would suffer, especially if the KHL elected to still send their players.

Personally, I feel my interest in the Olympics would not be diminished if the NHL was not present. The Olympic games are a special event and it is more about the logo on the front of the jersey, than the name on the back. Don’t forget, the most famous US Olympic team, the 1980 team, was made up of amateurs.

In the poll below, let us know how you feel! If the NHL does not participate in the next Olympic games, would your interest increase, decrease, or stay the same?

How would your interest in Olympic Hockey be affected if the NHL did not participate?

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