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Steven Stamkos: Hockey Is More Than A Game ... It's His Life

Steven Stamkos was on top of the hockey world until November 11, 2013. Stamkos suffered a broken tibia, and has not been able to get back in the lineup. For athletes like Stamkos hockey is more than just a game; it has become their life. The game we all watch for entrainment, is the blood that courses threw Stamkos’s veins. 

With the recent announcement that Stamkos will be unable to play for Team Canada came a lot more questions than answers, But, I think the answer is simple. Stamkos is just not ready, and he shouldn’t be. Recovering from such a serious injury in the time frame he had been a long shot. With that being said I believe that all of Stamkos’s hard work has done nothing but make his a better role model, and will most likely make him a better player in the long run.

I’m sure that not being able to play in the Winter Olympics is heart breaking, but taking the ice before his body is ready could be the end of his career. There will always be another Olympics. The 23-year-old Tampa Bay Lightning center will play for Team Canada at some point, but it’s just not his time. Another injury to Stamkos’s leg could be the end of his very promising career, and the end of the life he knows.

The news must be music to the Lightning’s ears; they must be breathing a sigh of relief, and over time Stamkos may as well. Hopefully by not returning to early he will have the chance to raise a Stanly Cup and have the honor of having a gold medal hanging from his neck in years to come. One thing is for sure, not playing means that Stamkos can continue to live his life on the ice, and not just watch it from t he press-box.

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