Ryan Miller Has Not Made Up His Mind

Ryan Miller needs to make up his mind. Does he want to continue his career with the Buffalo Sabres, or will he test the Free Agent market at the end of the season? Miller’s inability to make up his mind may soon lead to the choice being made for him. There have been rumblings of trades in the near future, but nothing is written in stone yet.

Miller has always been a member of the Buffalo Sabres.  It is strange to think that within the next moth he may be in different colors, but not as strange as it may be to Miller. He lives in Buffalo, and has deep roots within the Buffalo community. In a report found on NHL.com Miller was quoted as saying…

“Anything’s possible, just with the way the season’s gone and the direction it could be headed,” Miller said. “We’ll just wait to see what the plans start to become.”

Players do have the right to pick their team once they become a UFA, and they also have the right to have a No Trade Agreement put into their contracts. Miller dos have one, and the Sabres have the list of teams that Miller will not play for. There have been no reports, or anything saying that the Sabres or Miller have changed that list.

“I have a limited no-trade agreement and that’s something I put out there in the summer. That’s not something they approached about altering, changing or discussing. So let’s just assume they’re doing their business. I can’t control it.” NHL.com

While there are other factors for Miller to think about one thing is for sure, after 11 years in the NHL he wants to be on a winning team. Tonight’s game could be the last time Miller sits in the home locker room, and I’m sure that is a strange feeling for Miller, and the Sabres front office.

If I’m the Sabres I make the trade and I do it as soon as a deal can be done. The fact that Miller can not commit to staying in Buffalo at this point in time should be evidence enough that his heart my no longer be in bleed Blue and Gold.

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