Cake Boss On Ice - NHL Style

20454_ADV_tlc_01-cb-buddy-valastro_020320454_ADV_tlc_01-cb-buddy-valastro_0203on ice 03Everyone likes cake.  I mean how could you not like cake?  It is light and fluffy – or heavy and dense – and covered with frosting or fondat and decorated in a charming and whimsical fashion that makes it almost a sin to cut into and eat the entire thing right?

And then there is hockey – everyone, in my opinion, should like hockey.  I mean – it is a fast sport; you can play it year round in a variety of formats – street, ice, roller, floor, mini etc.  I mean they even once had a league out in California with a two point line and boards that rolled up behind the net so you could literally surprise the hell out of an unsuspecting keeper.

So what happens when you mix cake and hockey?  You get Buddy Valastro taking one timer lessons from Nathan MacKinnon and Darren Dreger getting a faceful of cake courtesy of Buddy and fellow TSN Sportscaster James Duthie.

The Cake Boss invades The Prudential Center and the 2013 NHL Entry draft in a special episode of Cake Boss in which TSN Sportscaster James Duthie contracts Buddy and Carlo’s Bakery to make a life size cake in the shape of a goalie for the NHL draft party.

If your not a fan of the show Cake Boss or Bakery Boss, or just have never seen them – you may not recognize Buddy Valastro.  From the bakery floor to the ice though – tonight at 9PM EST on TLC you can see Buddy not alone ply his trade as a baker in Hoboken, New Jersey – but you can also see him hit the ice with last years prospects and learn how to take an all important one time.  Standing still he doesn’t do too bad a job, but get his feet going and down goes Cake Boss.

Here is a sneak peak of the episode - Buddy trying his hand and the one timer.  Tune in at 9PM EST tonight to see the whole episode.

I got the chance to exchange emails and get some questions answered by Buddy this weekend, and come to find out – in his busy schedule he loves the game of hockey – so getting up close and personal with the draft class and getting on the ice was a real high for him.

With his busy schedule he doesn’t get to watch as much hockey as he likes – and prefers the live action as opposed to watching games on television but he catches games when time allows.  He also says his boys are big hockey fans too.  Maybe a future NHLer in the Valastro family if they don’t take up the family business of culinary arts?

Now here is where Buddy and I differ – he is a Devils fan – so seeing him in Devils red just wasn’t a fluke because the draft was held in New Jersey and that’s where Buddy hails from.

The last question I had for Buddy was probably the toughest for him – with his new show Bakery Boss – he goes into failing bakery businesses and helps put them back on the track to success.  So I had to know – is fixing other people’s bakeries harder than getting on the ice?

Getting on the ice for sure. I know how to fix a bakery, but I think I need a little practice before throwing down on the ice with professional hockey players.

I think Team Carlo’s Bakery should put together a hockey team and play some of the NHL alum from New Jersey for charity – what say you hockey fans?


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