Quick Shifts: Ben Bishop, Peter Holland, Pavel Datsyuk

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, but that’s enough football talk. Here is today’s Quick Shifts.

It’s fighting and its part of the NHL game. Even Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop got in to a scrap. Yesterday the Lightning took on the Montreal Canadiens. Bishop reacted to a stick poke delivered to his “testicular region“. While I don’t think goaltenders should try to fight any one but another goaltender; I can completely understand why Bishop went off. This latest show of disrespect is only a blip on the radar this season, but it goes to show us that NHL players no longer care about their “co-workers”.

GIF from CBC Sports/SportingNews.com


Do you remember sitting in the locker-room as a young kid trying to get you laces tight? I do, I also remember being told “no too tight Helper”. I guess Toronto Maple Leafs forward Peter Holland forgot that lesson. CBSSports.com has reported that Holland was on crutches with a badly swollen foot. As far as injuries go this is a strange one. It is being called lace bite. A lace bit is “tendon inflammation on the top of the foot from too-tight laces or ill-fitting skates.” It appears that Holland was attempting to break in a new pair of skates, and was bitten by injury bug for his troubles.

This one is for the Detroit Red Wings fans out there. Pro Hockey Talk is reporting that the Red Wings will respect Pavel Datsyuk’s choice to play in Sochi. Datsyuk last played at the Winter Classic due to an injury. This is the second time this year Datsyuk has missed an extended amount of time due to injury (missed seven games through November and December). There is nothing that the Red Wings can do; this decision is Pavel’s alone. If I was a fan of the Red Wings I’d worry, and it seems that GM Ken Holland is worried as well.

“Of course, I’m worried. But I understand what an opportunity this is for every Russian and every other player. Pavel has a decision to make and I understand that it’s his decision and I respect that it’s his decision.” PHT/Toronto Sun

Have a great Sunday, and we will have more stories from around the NHL tomorrow.

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