Buffalo Sabres Rumored Asking Price For Ryan Miller

If you’re a fan of the NHL you know the name Ryan Miller. You also know that the Buffalo Sabres are one of the worst teams in the league. What you might not know is WGR550 has reported that the rumored asking price for the Sabres goaltender is 2 first round picks, a Second round pick, and a prospect.

The Sabres need to make a splash, they need to show the players and future free agents that winning is all that matters in Buffalo. This is not just about who will be the goaltender in Buffalo in the future; this is about turning around one of the worst franchises in the NHL. Trading Ryan Miller is a great idea from a draft standpoint, and it’s an okay idea from a marketing standpoint. This rebuilding process could take a few years, and the front office has said they want to build through the draft.

Tim Murray will have to make the hard choices, but I don’t believe this is as hard as some people say it is. If I’m Murray and my phone rings and the offer is what’s rumored I help Miller pack his bags and thank him for all his hard work. However, if the deal doesn’t come around Murray has more than enough cap-space to lock up his star goaltender. Here’s the “rub” no one know if Miller wants to play in Buffalo. Trading him may be the only way to make sure the Sabre doesn’t end up with nothing.

I’m sure that some people will pound their fists is Miller is traded, and there will be people who jump up and down if he goes. Let’s be clear about one thing if you are a Sabres fan all you really want is a Stanley Cup. Does it really matter who is in net?

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