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NHL Rule Changes: Why The Point System Needs To Be Next

Today’s NHL is full of problems. There are cheap hits, bad calls, no-calls, and the players don’t care about each other. But, before new rules are put in place I want the point system changed. The current point system is just as big as problem as the above.

There are a handful of issues with the point system, and it seems that NHL GM’s are starting to finally understand that. reported last night that the there could be some changes coming. The most likely solution would be change to a 3-2-1 point system (European System). NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Columbus Blue Jackets. Mandatory Credit: Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

…. Under the European system, NHL teams would be awarded three points for a regulation victory, two points for a victory in overtime or in the shootout, and one point for an overtime or shootout loss.

I think this change would do more than most people think. Changing the point system would make the shootout less important, it would also help to get rid of the slow, trap style of play that teams love to switch into late in the third period. The 3-2-1 point system would also help to eliminate the “loser point”; another “great” idea that Gary Bettman and the NHL came up with.

Sadly the NHL is broken and this season has hurt the league’s image. Now is the time for big change, now is when the NHL and its brain trust need to discuss the game, and figure out how to fix it. . Fans and non-fans say the game is slow and the NHL says they want to open up the game. Start here, start with the point system. It should make teams go for the win more often than going for overtime.

Changing the point system could lead to more  goals; more goals more fans; more fans more money. Everyone wins.

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