NHL Stadium Series: Los Angeles, The Cash Grab

The NHL is setting out to play six outdoor (NHL Stadium Series) games this year. That’s five too many for my liking. The biggest question mark is the game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks to be held on January 25th. The outdoor games are the NHL’s way of celebrating the games heritage.  But, an outdoor hockey game near a beach is not celebrating the game; it’s a cash grab.

There is a lot of reason why this game should not happen in my option.  I believe that an event like this should take place in cities, and towns where hockey has roots. It’s this simple.

The game of hockey was and still is played on frozen lakes, rivers, streams, and backyard rinks; none of which are found in Los Angeles.

I view this game as a slap in the face of NHL fans; the same fans that only a year ago had to endure a lock-out by this very league. Players and owners fighting over money, only to take the ice and have nothing really change. Now, the NHL is looking to boost their bank accounts and it seem they will do it by any means necessary. The NHL is billed as the “best” hockey league in the world; I would expect more from the best.

Currently both the Ducks and Kings are in line for a playoff berth. If I was a fan of ether team I wouldn’t love the idea of this game counting. The Ducks have 77 points and seem to be a lock for the playoffs, but the Kings may still have a fight on their hands. L.A has 63 points and is only 6 points up on the Vancouver Canucks.

The NHL needs to make sure this game goes off without any problems. If this league fails to do so the result could be damaging to teams players, and the league.

As I’ve said before this game is not about hockey; it’s about the money.

*While a lot of people including myself are questioning the weather; I’ve found that the NHL has pulled off an outdoor game in warmer weather than is expected on January 25th. In 1991 the NHL held an outdoor game in Las Vegas. The temperature at puck drop was 85 degrees. It took three times the refrigeration equipment as one would for a regular rink to maintain a safe and playable ice surface. The Kings also took part in that game.


Lets us know how you feel about this game.

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