NHL: Top and Bottom Scoring Teams and Current Playoff Picture

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It’s a simple concept; score the goals win the games. Yet there are teams that cannot do that one simple thing. I’m not saying that the NHL is an easy game, and simply saying that in order to turn around a bad franchise you need to light the lamp. To take that thought one step further, if you want to be a profitable organization you need to make the playoffs once in a while. Lets take a look at the top and bottom scoring teams as well as the current NHL Playoff picture.

*Stats taken from NHL.com

Top 5 Scoring Teams (Average Goals Per Game)

  1. St. Louis Blues: 3.63
  2. Chicago Blackhawks: 3.59
  3. Anaheim Ducks: 3.33
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins: 3.18
  5. San Jose Sharks: 3.13

Four out of the five top scoring teams are from the Western Conference.

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