Roberto Luongo Injury Update

The Vancouver Canucks will be without goaltender Roberto Luongo for 1-2 weeks. Luongo sustained an ankle injury during Saturday’s game vs. the Los Angeles Kings. The injury is not believed to be serious, but ankle injuries can be hard to gauge.

Luongo has only played in one game since December 22nd. Roberto was able to stop 46 of 48 shots on Saturday.” … despite being bowled over by Dustin Brown on the tying goal.

“It’s not a surprise when players run the goalie, the goalie is going to get hurt…” Vancouver Sun


The Canucks has signed journeyman Rob Laurie, from Corona, Calif., to a professional tryout. The 43-year-old Laurie will back up Eddie Lack.

Roberto Luongo was named to the Canadian Olympic team today, and as long as this ankle injury is as minor as it seems Canada shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

If I was a Vancouver Canucks fan I would not be all that happy that Luongo who has been hurt a few times this season is going to play in the Olympics. As for the Canucks front office, I’d assume that they too are not all that thrilled about their high-priced talent going from the press box to an international tournament. Luongo is four years into a twelve-year contract that will pay him $64 million.

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