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Quick Shifts January 3rd 2013

Good morning hockey fans.  The second part of the season is under way, and the next break we get is the Olympic roster freeze.  What will be the

biggest move between now and February 7th?  How will your country (favorite or not) fair in the international tournament?

Hopefully you are staying warm this morning if you reside in the Northeast – blistering cold temps had me scrambling for the blanket just a little longer this morning.

How are you affected by Winter Storm Hercules.  [wunderground].

Is it really necessary to name storms?  I mean seriously who does that?

Bobby Ryan is not happy about being snubbed for the Olympics in Sochi, entitlement or pride talking?  [CBS Sports].

If you weren’t looking forward to the Stadium Series before, you should be now, KISS is performing at Dodger Stadium.  [NHL].

FEDS seized almost a million dollars in fake merchandise around the Winter Classic.  [Crains Detroit Business].

Five outdoor games that should happen.  At least according to the author.  I could do without Arizona hosting an outdoor game.  [USA Today].

You pissed that Bobby Ryan isn’t on Team USAs short list this year?  Here is how the roster was put together.  [ESPN].

ICYMI: Russia came from behind to beat USA at the WJC in the quarterfinals.  [ABC Sports].

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