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Poll: Should David Poile Have Apologized to Bobby Ryan?

I think team USA has certainly learned a lesson through this whole Bobby Ryan debacle- don’t allow media into “closed door” meetings if you’re not prepared for the repercussions.

Not only was Bobby Ryan left off Team USA’s official roster for Sochi 2014, Brian Burke and the rest of the management team decided

to throw Bobby Ryan under the bus as well.

The management for team USA didn’t believe that Ryan could fill a top 6 role and as a result wouldn’t compliment the rest of the roster and thus was left off the final roster. Which is all fine, it’s in Team USA’s right to not bring Ryan. But their comments about Ryan after the fact is a different game altogether.

Team USA management embarrassed Bobby Ryan by degrading his play and based on their comments one would think Ryan would have trouble making an AHL team.

“[Ryan is] not intense, that word is not in his vocabulary. It’s never going to be in his vocabulary. He can’t spell intense.” – Brian Burke

If you want to read more about what was said about Bobby Ryan you can check that out here. The fact of the matter is that Bobby Ryan is a great hockey player. He is a perennial 30 goal scorer in the NHL and arguably in the top 5 of American born scorers today, but he doesn’t fit in with what USA hockey is trying to do for Sochi.

The comments made by Burke and the rest of management were quite uncalled for and today David Poile has attempted to apologize to Bobby Ryan.

“[I am] sorry that it got out. It’s great to be open, but it went further than it should have.” -David Poile

“As far as denigrating any player, not any of us signed up for that. Unfortunately this was too much. I totally apologize to Bobby Ryan and on behalf of Brian Burke, who was absolutely [Ryan's] biggest supporter on our staff.”

Poile goes on to say that USA management believed they would have the final editing take on what was aired much like the NHL does with 24/7, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Imagine the stuff that is said about players that isn’t put out for all to see?

What do you make of Poile attempting to apologize to Bobby Ryan? Should Poile be a apologizing for the comments made about Ryan or should Brian Burke be the one make a public apology?

Place your vote and let’s start a debate.

Should David Poile Have Apologized?

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