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David Poile Apologizes To Bobby Ryan

Bobby Ryan didn’t make the final cut to get on the 2014 roster for Team USA as they head to the Olympics in Sochi looking to improve on their

2010 Silver Medal.

Brian Burke was very vocal to members of the media about why Ryan didn’t make the cut for the team.

“[Ryan is] not intense, that word is not in his vocabulary. It’s never going to be in his vocabulary. He can’t spell intense.” – Brian Burke

Funny, Brian Burke drafted Ryan in the 2005 entry draft, and according to David Poile, Ryan was on Burke’s roster to make the squad, but the board that selected Team USA didn’t think that Ryan fit into the plan.

So Poile is now apologizing to Ryan about the comments reaching the media and the poor publicity surrounding the fiasco.

“[I am] sorry that it got out. It’s great to be open, but it went further than it should have.” -David Poile

So now we are apologizing to athletes?  What happened to us?  There are many thinking that the United States is a long shot to medal in this tournament, despite the fact that they are bringing back a wealth of experience from the 2010 games in which they brought home silver.  Does apologizing to a player that doesn’t make it make the team seem weak?

Sure, Poile isn’t apologizing to Ryan for not including him on the team.  Poile is trying to put together a team that will win gold.

Herb Brooks must be rolling over in his grave.  The last time Team USA took home gold – was the 1980 squad of amateurs that worked under Brooks.  Do you think Brooks won gold by apologizing to the guys that didn’t make it – or even the guys that did that Brooks was hard on?

There is no reason why Team USA should be apologizing to Bobby Ryan in any capacity.  If Team USA doesn’t medal – or doesn’t take gold – is it because Bobby Ryan wasn’t on the team – no, it will be because another team was better, stronger, and more determined.  It’s a team sport, not a one man show.

In the words of Herb Brooks, the name on the front of the sweater is a hell of a lot more important than the ones on the back.


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