Quick Shifts: Phaneuf,Thornton,Jagr,Weiss, and World Jr's

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this edition of Quick Shifts Here is four stories worth knowing about.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans this one is for you. There are reports surfacing that a Dion Phaneuf extension may be in the works. Love him or hate him it seems that the Maple Leafs feel they need him. The Leafs captain is having an off-year; only putting up 13 points in 37 games. Pro Hockey Talk has more in their report.

TSN’s Darren Dreger suggested in October that the 28-year-old defenseman will not settle for less than $6.5 million annually. PHT

It doesn’t matter how you feel about what Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton did; the NHL top boss has decided that the 15 game suspensions will stand. Thornton got what he deserved. During his testimony Thornton went on record saying “…he knew exactly what he was doing and that he was in complete control of his emotions. PHT” It is clear that Gary Bettman thinks that 15 games may not have been long enough. In the report found on Pro hockey Talk Bettman is quoted as saying…

In these circumstances, I have no trouble concluding that a very lengthy suspension is warranted and that the decision to impose a fifteen (15) game suspension is supported by clear and convincing evidence. In fact, in light of all the circumstances relating to the underlying conduct, it is certainly possible to argue for a more severe punishment, but I am comfortable relying on Mr. Shanahan’s judgment.”

Jaromir Jagr and Patrick Kane may not be friends, but Jagr says he would pay to see Kane play. In a report found on CBS Sports Jagr said in an interview that Kane is on the short list of players he would be willing to pay to watch play. Only one other player made Jagr’s list, Pavel Datsyuk. I’m sure that put a smile on the Chicago Blackhawks Star.

“I’m 41 and you can still learn from those guys. They’re very intelligent. I would say they’re geniuses on the ice. I always love to learn. CBS Sports

Sorry Detroit Red Wings fans the injury bug has made a stop in your city. Stephen Weiss has had to have surgery, and he will be out until after the Olympic break. CBS Sports has a detailed report. It has been reported that Weiss underwent Weiss core muscle surgery for sports hernia. Hopefully Weiss can take the time off to refocus his game. He has underachieved, and so far has not lived up to his new contract. (Five-year, $24.5 million)

The World Juniors are starting, and NHL Network is going to make sure you can watch the stars of tomorrow play today, and for the next eight days. NHL.com has released a TV schedule for the tournament. The IIHF World Juniors features the top men’s hockey players under the age of 20. The WJC is broken down into two groups A, and B. Here are link to a breakdown of both groups A, B  

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