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Fan Poll: Did Dallas Eakins Cross the Line?

It’s been a bad year to be an Edmonton Oilers fan, and finally one fan had their fill. Saturday night the Oilers failed to show up against the St. Louis Blues. Edmonton lost 6-0; one fan decided to vent, and tossed their jersey on the ice. Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins fired back.

Dallas Eakins did not hold back how a jersey sitting on home ice made him feel.  “Whoever threw that jersey on the ice, they’re out, they’ve given up, and they’re a quitter. We don’t want that here.” — Dallas Eakins.  It’s great that a coach said how he felt, but I can’t help but ask, was this best response he could come up with?

Fan is short for fanatic, and fans have very few ways to voice their displeasure with teams. I do not see anything wrong with what the fan did. It’s the fans money, and was the fans jersey. However, there is something to be said about not tossing things on the ice right?

Edmonton promised a young talent team, and a change in how the team played. Sadly that has not happened and fans are fed up. I guess tossing your teams jersey on the ice must be a violation of an unwritten rule.

“That’s about as bad as it gets for me and I have great sympathy … I understand and I respect our fans, but that’s a bunch of bull-crap to me,” said Eakins

This is not our fathers NHL. Fans are not going to sit back and wish for a better tomorrow. Eakins and the Oilers should know that. With that being said; why spend around $200 to toss a jersey on the ice?


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  • Seele VonDoogenstein

    As a CBJ fan I feel your pain in Edmonton. There is a fine line between fan and sucker. Just b/c your local NHL franchise sends a team onto the ice does not mean that you have to root for them. If the team ownership has their heads up their wazoos and/or if your team goes out night after night and puts a product out on the ice that is not worth 1/10th of what you paid your hard earned money to see; you have the right to toss whatever, wherever you want. Remember, those players/owners are driving away in an $80k car they paid cash for while you sunk $100s into taking your family to a game the you wished you hadn’t as you load into the $18k sedan you are making payments on. You don’t have to take it. You have EVERY right to tell them they stink, as loud as you can.

  • Seele VonDoogenstein

    PS: we will happily trade you Jack Johnson for Nail…that should have been our pick anyway ;-)