Dec 10, 2013; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers Cheerleaders wearing Santa costumes perform during a break in action in the first period at Rexall Place. Mandatory Credit: Chris Austin-USA TODAY Sports


Quiet night around the National Hockey League.  Since the suspensions have been coming fast and furious this past week,  let’s take our focus off of them and look at some of the other things happening around the league in today’s version of QUICK SHIFTS.

Raise of hands, Who doesn’t love free agent signing day?  Well, it seems we aren’t the only ones.  We all know that general managers love to go shopping on that day .  At the end of the day though, a ton of money gets spent. But is it money spent wisely?  Lyle Richardson of Bleacher Report looks at the top ten worst contracts in the NHL right now. With the salary cap about to go up next year, there are bound to be others that will replace some of these contracts on this list. [bleacher report]

For all you fans of junior hockey and the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships check this out.  The NHL Network in the United States and will be providing fans of Team USA access to all their games plus feeds from other select contests.  For the entire schedule check out the listings here.  It is a great opportunity to check out the most elite junior talent and high-end prospects from around the globe as they compete for gold. []

It is the holiday season and it seems more and more like everyone attends some kind of “Ugly Sweater” party or event.  In keeping with that theme, check this out  from Bleacher Report as they list what they think are the 25 Most Hideous Jerseys in NHL History.  What do you think? Which NHL sweater is the most hideous? [bleacher report']

In keeping in the holiday spirit, some NHL teams have put out holiday team videos.  Puck Daddy over at Yahoo Sports thinks that the San Jose Sharks should be awarded the title this year for the most outrageous team holiday video.  If you have not already seen it, check out some of the video clips in this post.  [yahoo sports/ puck daddy]

Hopefully these few articles will help take your mind off some of the ridiculousness that is happening around the league.  These hits that we are seeing every night are becoming to commonplace.  Suspensions do not seem to be working so eventually something else is going to have to give.  Hopefully, for all the players sake, it won’t be too late.

That is it for today’s QUICK SHIFTS, keep checking back for all the latest from the world of hockey.  Follow us on twitter @TMMotS and also like us on Facebook.



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