Nov 30, 2013; Sunrise, FL, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby (87) in the third period of a game against the Florida Panthers at BB

Katrina's Daily Rant: Sidney Crosby

They should really call today Sidney Crosby day because with his 500th game tonight he’s all everyone is going to be talking about. Don’t get me wrong I think Sid is a talented player and 500 games is a feat and I want to congratulate him first and foremost. However as talented as he is he has moments where is youth and immaturity have gotten him into trouble, namely in the 2012 playoffs when the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Philadelphia Flyers, but I have already done an article on that and I don’t want to beat a dead horse (if you want to read the article it’s here). What I’m going to focus on is the love affair the media has with Sidney Crosby.

It doesn’t matter what team the Penguins are playing everyone in the media has a man crush on Sidney Crosby. He is the constant topic of conversation during every broadcast and frankly I’m sick of it. There are other players on the Penguins that have the ability to start plays that lead to goals. I swear every time a Pens goal is scored the commentators say that really resulted from the play Crosby made in (insert any part of the ice here). We all get it, Crosby is good at hockey, you have been beating us over the head with that fact since he was drafted can you please talk about someone else now.

This is one of the reasons people can’t stand Crosby (well one of the reasons I can’t stand him anyway, the other reasons are I’m a Flyers fan and he’s a crybaby). It has really gotten to the point where you either love him or hate him. You either buy into to all the hype and believe he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread or you tune out the droning on and on about how he is single handedly winning the Penguins game and come to resent him for said droning.

Now let me make one last point. No one has ever said Crosby is untalented, we may be sick of him winning every award (I’m waiting for him to jump into the net one day and make a save that Marc-Andre Fleury can’t make and then win the Vezina for it), but we don’t dispute the fact that he is REALLY good at hockey. The Crosby-haters just feel he is immature and are just really sick of hearing about how great he is.

I leave with this tweet from Hockey Memes. The most famous Crosby bromance is definitely between him and Pierre McGuire, this just made me laugh.


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