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Katrina's Daily Rant: Real Hockey Fans

Last night was the last straw. I’ve wanted to do a piece for a while but I’ve been extremely busy lately. I am still busy but I’m so annoyed I just have to let it all out. What has got my panties in a twist, you ask? Well it’s the so called “fans” who so easily give up on their team so quickly it makes me sick. Real hockey fans believe in their team until the final buzzer blows, they don’t call in a night after the first period ends and they are losing 1-0 (that was a Philadelphia Flyers game against the Buffalo Sabres, the Flyers came back and won).

If you have no faith in your team how can you call yourself a fan. I’m not saying that if it’s 6-0 with 5 minutes to go you should think there is a comeback coming, there is a difference between being delusional and optimistic (but strange things have happened). I’m saying that if there is time for your team to make a comeback shouldn’t you think they will. If your watching a game and the other team scores isn’t it more fun to think “it’s okay guys we got time” than “the game is over, we lost”.

Another pet peeve of mine is when a loss is blamed on one player or a group of players that really had nothing to do with it. Take last night’s Toronto Maple Leafs game. People blamed it on our 4th line of Colton Orr, Frazer McLaren, and Jerred Smithson. In all fairness I didn’t see the game but I seriously doubt that guys that played 7 minutes of the entire game are the only ones responsible for the loss. I know its tempting to do it and I’ve done it to however I do not verbally assault the players on twitter saying they should be traded (I’ve gone off on Phil Kessel once or twice but I have more behind my desire to trade him than one game). Most of the games I’ve seen those three guys, especially Orr and McLaren, are the hardest working guys on the ice and for anyone to question that is wrong.

The last pet peeve I want to talk about is empty stands during the last few minutes of the game when your team is losing. There are people that would kill for those tickets (especially if we are talking Air Canada Centre for a Leafs game). These people would stay to the final buzzer because they would realize how many other people would appreciate those tickets and not waste it leaving half way through the third period because they are losing.

What do you think? Are you as annoyed with these people as I am? Are you one of these people? Share your thoughts in the comment box below, on facebook, or on twitter.

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