Jesse Winchester Hits Chris Kelly : Will Have a Phone Hearing

The hits keep on coming. This time it was Florida Panther Jesse Winchester hitting Boston Bruin Chris Kelly. For poorly executed hit Winshester will have a disciplinary hearing via telephone. Meaning the suspension will not exceed five games.  Kelly was able to get off the ice under his own power, and did return to the game.

While there was no penalty called on the play the video did show that this hit is clearly worthy of a suspension. Winshester has never been suspended before, and is not known for dirty play. This may just be a case of a player not using proper technique, but it is still something that needs to be fixed.

We’ve already seen 44 games of total suspensions handed out to players in a little over a month into the season, which is a product of the NHL doing its best to crack down and punish all illegal hits.

Because this is a first offense for Winshester I would not expect more than a 3 game suspension. If I had to guess I’d say he get two games.

At some point GM’s and Owners are going to demand change, but the NHL front office cannot do this alone. The players need to take responsibility for their game.


Here is a video of the hit.


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