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San Jose Sharks Should Have Won

Last night the San Jose Sharks played the Buffalo Sabres. No one thought the Sabres could skate with or beat the Sharks; the odds on the Sabres winning were +350. That means that a $100 bet would net you $350 if you pick Buffalo. I’m not one for a conspiracy, but the Sabres won the game, and should have lost.

San Jose came from behind to force an overtime period, and as luck would have it they scored. The problem was no one saw the goal, or at least no one acknowledged the goal. Check out the Video.



Elliotte Friedman pointed out in a series of tweets, “neither broadcast had it quickly and BUF’s didn’t show it at all. If ref says no-goal on-ice, I’m not sure how that one is getting caught. Not a great moment…but I can see how it happens. Ugh.”

For Buffalo lucky is better than good, but the Sharks are a Playoff team and that extra point could be a huge thing come the end the year. Currently the Sharks are sitting in 3rd place in the West just one point out of the top spot. The Sabres are dead last in the East with 7 points, and are now in rebuild mode.

The NHL will need to answer for this one; my question is who will take the fall?

Was it a goal or not?

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  • Scottmhuntington

    Hate to see that kind of thing happen.

    • Patrick Helper

      Could be time to review things a bit more .

      • Timothy Redinger

        And slow the game down? Listen I am just as happy to know the Sabres won – but the games the game and you have to have some sort of human element to it – from the television broadcast – there is no seeing that puck go in the net – shame on the Sharks broadcast for not using that camera angle. If you are going to review every thing that looks like a goal – your going to grind the game to a halt. A mistake was made – you think this is the first time a ref made a game changing non-call?

        • Patrick Helper

          I agree the Sharks broadcast team messed up, and I agree there is and needs to be a human element to the game, but if the “wrong” team wins is that really best for the NHL? Every sport has blown calls. This is just the latest example. If this was a playoff game and the call was missed would it be glossed over? Well, if you ask Sabres fans blown calls can haunt a team forever.

          • Timothy Redinger

            I don’t know if I want to say the better team did win – at least on the ice last night, but you have to be better than your opponent, and that doesn’t just count the other team. You have to be able to overcome that little bit of adversity. Thomas Vanek had a goal brought back this year because everyone celebrated like it was in, but hit the corner of the net on the crossbar and rang back out. It happens, its sports. With passionate fans in hockey – the right call is rarely made that is going to make both sides of the ice happy.

          • Patrick Helper

            The Sabres did play a nice game, and there is something to be said for a young team not falling apart after the Sharks charged back. I would like to hear what the NHL front office has to say about the “no” goal. Its a dangerous road to travel if nothing is said.