There's No Hope For The Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers are desperate. Really desperate. General manager Paul Holmgren has officially run the franchise into the ground, and firing a head coach isn’t going to fix any of those problems.

Sure, the Flyers brought in Mark Streit this offseason to help out on defense, but even with the veteran blue liner, the Flyers are struggling in the defensive end. The goaltending has been decent all considering. The Flyers offense can’t get itself in gear, and star forward Claude Giroux is still goalless in 13 games and has only six assists on the season.

The Flyers sit at the bottom of the worst division in the NHL, and on top of the terrible hockey they’ve been playing, now they have to deal with the repercussions that come along with a line brawl that includes a display of absolute thuggery, yes I’m talking to you Ray Emery.

I’m disgusted with how the NHL has started the season this year, with all of the suspensions and dirty hits, but when a guy gets mugged in the corner and the referee stands there and watches a player who doesn’t want to fight get repeatedly pounded with fists of fury in the back of the head, I can’t help but get upset. And on top of that, Emery didn’t do anything wrong according to the NHL rule book? No. You made rules up before, do it again NHL, and get that referee out of the NHL.

The classlessness shown on Friday night finally marks the Flyers down in the “no hope” category for me. The Flyers are an ugly hockey team, and the roster that Holmgren has put together has gotten a long term coach fired, and they can’t find a way to win games. The Flyers are 4-9-0 this season and have scored only 21 goals in 13 games. For a team that likes to spend so much money on offensive talent and not put anything into their defense, that’s not enough.

Holmgren’s days are numbered, and I’d like to see him go sooner rather than later. The Flyers are a mess and it looks like it may take a lot of work to undo what’s been done. With Holmgren willing to talk trade when it comes to any player on the roster, he might just get a chance to screw this team up a little bit more than he already has before he gets kicked out the back door with a cardboard box full of Flyers pens, family pictures, and desk decorations.

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