Thomas Vanek Trade Update

Thomas Vanek may no longer be a Buffalo Sabres, but details on the trade are just starting to come out. To recap Vanek was traded to the New York Islanders for Matt Moulson, and  *1st round pick 2014, and a 2nd round pick in 2015.    

The Details

  • The 1st round pick is a conditional pick. If the pick ends up being a top ten pick it than becomes a 2015 first round pick. (Islanders Choice)
  • The Sabres are absorbing 19,5% of Vanek’s remaining salary/cap hit.

In the end the pick will still be a first-rounder some time in the next two years but at least the Islanders have some kind of say over when that pick comes. So it’s something.

There is also a report the Toronto Maple Leafs were offered Vanek  and turned down the offer.

Vanek was offered to several teams including the Leafs, and the answer was the same — no deal. It’s not clear what the Sabres were asking from the Leafs.

It’s really simple Vanek came with a very big price tag. It’s early in the season and that didn’t help the Sabres in finding a wiling team. I thought that this trade was a bit one-sided, but now that I know the Islanders have some say, and that the Sabres picked up a big chunk of the remaining salary it seems more even.

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