Lindy Ruff Keeps On Coaching

When it comes to Lindy Ruff NHL fans may think Buffalo Sabres, and they would be right. Ruff coached the Sabres for over 15 years. Like any hockey coach he had ups and downs. Lindy was thought to be untouchable, but that all changed after another slow start. Ruff’s longtime GM and friend Darcy Regier fired Lindy. Ruff did not rush right back into the fire he took the reminder of the 2012-2013 season off. On June 20, 2013 the Dallas Stars announced that Lindy Ruff would be their head coach.

Here’s a short history lesson. The Dallas Stars defeated the Buffalo Sabres in the Stanley Cup Finals on a “no goal”. How does a person move on to coach the team that defeated him for the Cup? Simple it’s a different time and a different game. It’s also easier when you love to coach. I will admit I said that I didn’t see Lindy as a good fit in Dallas, and I still have some doubts. Ruff has a history of mishandling young talented players; he also doesn’t hesitate to call players out. Something that today’s players do often deal with.

Last night the Stars made the trip to the First Niagara Center to take on the Sabres. It was the first time Lindy Ruff would be standing on the visitor’s bench. His team managed to hold on and win the game. But, that’s not the real victory here. Ruff got a standing ovation, and the Sabres finally did the classy thing and showed a highlight video of Ruff. I think both fans and Lindy understand that changed happen in the NHL.

It’s going to be great walking in the building, say hello to old faces,” Ruff said. “I’ve got a lot of good friends there, good memories. We had a lot of great hockey in there. It’ll be a good day. I want to see our team play really well. USA Today

He brought that hard-working, kind of in-your-face, yell, scream kind of guy intensity that people here like,” Ray said. “It was easy for people to relate to him that way, and that’s why they accepted him as a player and as a coach. USA Today

As much as things change they seem to stay the same. Ruff’s Stars are out to a slow start. Currently they are sitting in last place in the Central Division with 11 point, and are near the basement in the West (Five points out of a Wild Card spot).  Also like his time with the Sabres Ruff’s Stars are near the bottom of the league in scoring. While I want nothing more than to see Lindy do well in Dallas his style of coaching, and his systems are the same. It just seems a bit insane “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

It’s clear that Lindy Ruff believes in his system, but why? It didn’t work for long in Buffalo. If Ruff wants to keep on coaching he will need to rethink his style, and adapt to the new NHL.

Lindy Ruff Coaching Stats

  • Games Coached: 1176
  • Wins: 576
  • Losses: 436
  • Ties: 78
  • Over-time Loss: 85
  • Won the Jack Adams Award : 2005-2006
  • Playoff Teams: 8




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