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Hockey Fights- A Player's Perspective: Dan Maggio

Another day another interview. I have learned a lot through writing this series and I sincerely hope that you all have too. This is by no means the last installment there are still a lot more exciting interviews to come. This is the 12 installment and if you haven’t read the other 11 I gave a list in part 11.

In this installment I talk to Dan Maggio of the Lake Erie Monsters. He was drafted in 2009 to the New York Rangers in the 6th round. In his OHL career he was in 24 fights and last season with the Monsters he was first on the team in fights with 12.

Here is what Dan had to say:

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding fighting in hockey lately, as a player who has been in numerous fights, what is the purpose of fighting in hockey?

I think the purpose of fighting in hockey is just so that players who try to take advantage of skilled players with a dirty check or something like that have to answer the bell with someone. I think that it cleans up the game, as much as people say fighting shouldn’t be part of the game. I’d say it protects most players that are playing today.

If fighting was taken out of hockey how would that change the game?

It would change just because the guys who are taking liberties on guys with no repercussions. When you’re out there and you hit someone hard or with a dirty check you know in the back of your mind that you are going to have to answer the bell with someone. If you take that aspect out of the game I think there is going to be more dirty plays.

What is your favourite fight in hockey history?

This year I watched a fight between the Boston Bruins Milan Lucic and Washington Capitals Joel Rechlicz. That one in my eyes was an unbelievable fight. They had a great scrap.

*Note* I would like to thank Dan for answering my questions and Sarah Jamieson for setting up the interview.



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