Oct 22, 2013; Uniondale, NY, USA; New York Islanders right wing Kyle Okposo (21) and New York Islanders left wing Matt Moulson (26) celebrate Moulson

Matt Moulson Trade: Stats and Reactions

News broke yesterday that the Buffalo Sabres had traded co-captain Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders for Matt Moulson, a first round pick in the 2014 draft and a second round pick in the 2015 draft. This came as a shock to most, but not because the Sabres traded away their new co-captain. It was losing Matt Moulson on the Isles that upset people. You can check out our breaking news post here

Let’s look at some numbers here. Moulson has 9 points (6G, 3A) in his 11 games this season. This puts him at 233 points in 333 NHL games. He is a quick player, and is on a four-game point streak. Thomas Vanek on the other hand has 9 points (4G, 5A) in 13 games. This adds up to give Vanek a point total of 497 in 598 NHL games. Moulson has had the edge on Vanek in points, and has a +3 rating this year compared to Vanek’s -5.I took to Twitter to see the buzz around the whole trade. Many people seemed upset, but Vanek is a good pickup by the Isles. The only problem I see is Moulson is a better player. The 29-year olds are pretty close in stats, but Moulson has the advantage. This is one tweet I found that I liked.

Bruce Arthur says it clearly. “The Sabres extracted a heavy price…” He sees that the Isles have missed out 0n the trade. I definitely agree that they lost most in this deal, and I’m afraid the Isles are going to have to eat this decision.



Cornelius McLaughlin isn’t happy about the trade. It is a lopsided trade, and I think the Sabres are definitely milking this. I’m not sure why the Islanders would want a player like Vanek, especially when they had a better version of him in Moulson.

“Shafted Yourself.” That’s certainly one way to put it. Like I’ve said, the Isles messed up on this trade. Maybe they can make Vanek into a better player and end up resigning him before he is a free agent in July. News and reactions will keep coming up about this, so make sure you keep checking back here to get the latest news.

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  • Paul LaLima

    Who wrote this article, a 12 year old? Seriously? Moulson is better than Vanek? I think you may have at least waited until the end of the season to make a bold and possibly foolish statement.

    • Katrina Capp

      I don’t appreciate you coming on here and insulting my writers. You can state your opinion without insulting anyone.

      • Paul LaLima

        Hey Katrina, I don’t appreciate your attempt to stifle my opinion. His article is presumptuous, and premature to say the least; not to mention inaccurate. Vanek has proved himself for a lot longer than Moulson has.

        • Katrina Capp

          You can point out your opinion with out calling him a 12 year old. I’m not trying to stifle your opinion I’m just asking you to be a decent human being and not insult my writers.

          • Paul LaLima

            I am a decent human being. Everyone knows that if you write publicly then you have to learn to deal with harsh criticizm. You may think what I said was an insult but I don’t. My statement was proper and without profanity. Chill out.

  • Guest

    I don’t appreciate you coming on here and insulting my writer’s you can state your opinion without insults.

  • Paul LaLima

    Better get thicker skin if you’re going to write publicly.

    • Dylan nardone

      Well looks like Moulson played great last night. Can’t wait to see how Vanek does tonight…

  • http://toomanymenonthesite.com/ Patrick Helper

    In a cap driven league Moulson may be the better bet. It is said he will be looking for $5 million. Vanek may be around $8 million. Also living in Buffalo I have seen first hand how Vanek plays.HE has carried the Sabres, but let me ask you this. Where has he gotten them, and would you rather have a big cap hit and no top picks, or See what happens with Moulson? Second, lets not forget Vanek did not want to stay in Buffalo. Vanek has played in 598 games, and has 497 points. Moulson has played in 334 games, with 235 points. It’s a wash.