Pittsburgh Penguins Get Kris Letang Back

The Pittsburgh Penguins don’t need much help, but they are going to get it. Kris Letang will take the ice for the first time this season. Letang has missed nine games due to a lower-body injury.

NHL.com is reporting that Letang will skate with Rob Scuderi, and the top Power Play unit. It seems that Letang will be able to play around 20 minutes a game, and if that is the case there should be very little worry about this injury being an issue.

“It’s exciting, especially with the team’s success,” he said. “I’ve been watching every game from the press box and I am just excited to be a part of the team on the ice and try to help them win.” NHL.com

Last year Letang was able to put up 38 points; that was tied for the NHL league among defenseman. If  healthy the 26-year-old  Letang could be a 50 point player. He has done that once (2010-2011).

Kris Letang’s Penguins History

  • Drafted in the 3rd round 2005
  • 209 points in 385 games
  • *Has a cap hit of $3,500,000 this season
  • *Cap number goes up to $7,250,000 from 2014/15- 2020/21 as part of his new contract
  • *Will have a NMC, Modified NTC (can submit 12-team no-trade list prior to each season)

*Cap numbers are from capgeek.com

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