Buffalo Sabres: Two Players Suspended

It’s not often that one of the worst teams in the NHL draws the most attention. But, the Buffalo Sabres have found a way. With suspensions being handed out left and right; the Sabres have gotten slapped hard. Both Patrick Kaleta and John Scott will take a seat in the press box.

Let’s start with the most recent suspension. John Scott. John Scott came skating through center ice and crushed Loui Eriksson. For his poor choice Scott will sit until further notice. In a clip heard on WGR 550 Scott said he was sick to his stomach, and it was Unfortunate that Eriksson was injured. During that clip Scot also said he does not believe he is a dirt player, and does everything he can to play within the code, and rules of the NHL. This is the first time Scott has been suspended.

Scott received a match penalty for illegal check to the head, as well a five-minute fighting major for an altercation. NHL.com

Now, Patrick Kaleta is quickly becoming an NHL bad boy. His repeat offenses are mounting, and his appeal for a shorten suspension was met with a big NO from Gary Bettman.

Regrettably, Mr. Kaleta stands out for his repeated violations of- and seeming indifference to the playing rules put I place to protect other players, and, particularly other player’s heads. Specifically, Mr. Kaleta has committed a series of other serious, head related playing rule violations in each of the four most recent prior seasons. Garry Bettman, NHL.com

Some media outlets have called into question the style that the Sabres play. Here are my thoughts.

The Sabres have always wanted to be a hard-working and hard-hitting team. They have wanted to play a blue-collar style of hockey. The problem is they do not have the talent to do that. There are players who can hit, and do it correctly. There are also players that fly around the ice and just hope they land a good check. Sadly I think that the Sabres players fall in to the second group.  Also, I do feel that some of this falls on the GM and coach. This is the team they out together, and these are the players that they continued to resign, and dress. In sports like in life you are responsible for your choices. Sorry, Sabres fans this team is making the city look bad.


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